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Great for beginners and experienced bands alike, this chart features melodies inspired by Kaiso tunes of the great Raymond Quevado (known as CalypsonianAtilla the Hun). This is a slow tempo, easy groove that will introduce the typical rhythmic feel of “old-time” Calypso, a variation using the “two drop” Calypso feel and straight ahead Soca. After a brief intro, there are three different sections; lots of unison strumming rhythms; and a short feature for the double pans on part of the melody. Interesting for both players and listeners, this will be a nice addition to any performance. 


Composer: Dave Walton 


Skill Level: Beginning/Easy


Duration: 3-4 minutes (optional repeats on sections). 


Scored for: 5 voices (Leads, Double Tenor, Seconds, Cello, Bass) and Drums 




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