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I have been teaching steel drums since 2002, and trying to find quality steel drums music for all skill levels.  15 years later, there is very little out there.  In 2002, Dr. David Walton composed some music for my steel drums group at Desert Sky Middle School, including, "Desert Sky".  Since then, steel drums students at both Desert Sky and Empire High School have played many compositions and arrangements by Dr. Walton.  These have proven to be far superior to those purchased from other composers and publishers.  His music is easy to read, and excellent for any level of ability or group size.  He offers a glimpse into every imaginable genre of music that both kids and adults enjoy.  

Anka Mischel

Desert Sky Middle School & Empire High School; Vail, AZ

I have been playing Dave's music ever since I first began playing pan as a young high school student. I continue to frequently perform Dave's arrangements and original compositions in my professional career today. Dave has a thorough understanding of both Trinidadian and popular music, as well as a rich arsenal of compositional and arranging techniques. I highly recommend investing in his music for any educational or professional ensembles.

Alex Merideth

Tucson, AZ

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Catalina Foothills High School Falcon Steel performing "Awesome Jah" arr. D. Walton

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